Exclusive Access To Digital Content

Securely share exclusive content with fans and collectors whether they're arts, articles, comics, short stories with hybrid permission-based NFTs

Polygon BNB Chain










What Types of Content Qualify?

Discover the ways hybrid permission-based NFTs can help share and manage access to your contents while maintaining the full flexibility and control

No gas required Testnet Available

Create a new dimension of art collecting

Provide exclusive access to fans and collectors for artists who produced digital artworks, paintings and 3D models.
  • High-resolution versions of the artwork
  • Limited edition prints
  • Sketches and behind-the-scenes images
  • Prompt keywords that made up the AI-image


Why Use Us?

By using our hybrid permission-based NFTs, you can easily set different access levels and permissions, ensuring that they are used only in the way that you intend

AI-Works Friendly

A great choice for creators, studios, and companies that work with AI-generated content.

ERC-1155 Compatible

Customised ERC-1155 that anyone can mint and have full control and set different access levels.

Limited Supply

Creators can set a limited supply for their tokens, making them rare and valuable over time.

Exclusive Access

By tokenizing your content, you can give your fans and collectors exclusive access to your work.

Join Communities

Gain access to any privileges provided by other creators, such as early access to new works, special events.

IP Protection

Help better protect your intellectual property rights by providing verifiable proof of ownership.

The NFT is soulbound by default, which means it can't be traded outside the platform, however, contact us if you want them to be traded on 3rd parties marketplaces


Free To Get Started

Our platform is free to use, but we do take a small fee when transactions are made, a 10% fee will be applied to all transactions made using crypto.

We offer a business plan for our early qualified creators, contact us to learn more.