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Create special permissioned NFTs that share your prompts, art, graphic novels made by favourite AI exclusively with NFT holders Learn more...

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What Types of Content Qualify?

Discover the ways hybrid permission-based NFTs can help share and manage access to your contents while maintaining the full flexibility and control

Monetizing your amazing prompts

Prepare expert-approved inputs for ChatGPT and similar AI generators that are equivalent to traditional professional consultations.
  • Exercise plan for losing weight in 2 months
  • Generate pixel art characters for use in a game
  • SEO strategy for specific niches
  • Code & CSS snippets for frontend developers

What is PromptNFT?

Bring to new experiences not possible with regular NFTs such as embedding high-quality images, AI-prompts that remain hidden to the non-token holders.

FeatureRegular NFTsPrivate NFTsPromptNFT
VisibilityPublicly accessibleRestricted accessHybrid
All NFTs are hosted onPublic blockchainPrivacy blockchainPublic blockchain
Access ControlNoControlledLimited
How private metadata is preservedPrivate metadata can't be preservedPrivate metadata is encrypted at the blockchain levelPrivate metadata is encrypted and attached to the public metadata

The current version utilizes a centralized network for handling encryption and decryption keys. Our first decentralized network, the Arctic network, is set to be launched in Q4


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